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Buying a House

Personalized Approach


Real estate transaction are like people - no two are exactly the same! The act of buying a home is so unique to the individual that it can seem hard to believe there could be a "process". That being said, sticking to one can ensure a solid foundation to keep you grounded during a turbulent time.

I like to sit down with new buyers before we get into the searching to learn what is really important to them and to go over the big picture of what buying a home in Denver looks like. The need for 3 bedrooms can come from so many different places that understanding the WHY behind it is crucial for decision making.

After understanding what you are looking for and why your search will start online with many properties. By process of elimination - driving by, looking at pictures and analyzing the location - we will find the ones worth touring! From here it's up to the buyer - some clients purchase the first house they walk into and some view dozens before finding their home. Together we will work to keep top priorities front of mind so you compromise on the less important details.

Get Approved

Speaking with a lender to understand what you can afford and deciding what you are comfortable paying is the essential first step. Nothing hurts more than falling in love with a home you cannot buy! Buying with cash? Deciding a clear budget upfront can be even more important to keeping your search focused!

Get Educated

I can provide pages of data but nothing compares to the "feeling" of home.  Schools, commute times, walk score, and recreation access are just some of the many reasons people buy. Shopping, dining, and simply hanging out are great ways to learn where you want to live. Understand the community you want to be a part of and I will find the perfect home for you to fit right in!

Get Under Contract

Once you find "the one" I have the experience to help you get it under contract in any market. After that, it's time to relax! Besides tending to your inspection the real estate work is pretty much over for you. My team and I work diligently in the background to meet all deadlines and protect your bottom line while you work away with your lender to ensure your loan is approved!

Get Closed!

The most important part of the transaction is getting to the closing table and closing the transaction. I will help you see this process through to close.

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